Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Make Sausages with Top Quality and Hygienic Natural Casings

Sausage is a type of food typically made from ground meat surrounded by a skin. Usually, sausage is molded in a casing typically made from sheep or lamb intestine. Actually making Sausages is an old food preservation method. It is a rational outcome of skillful butchery. Conventionally, sausage makers salt various tissues and organs like fat, blood, scraps and organ meats to preserve them. After that they would then put them into tubular casings prepared from the cleaned animal intestines, forming the typical cylindrical shape. Therefore, salami, sausages and puddings are from the oldest of prepared foods list.
History of Sausage
Humans in the ancient age made the first ever sausages by putting roasted intestines into sheep or lamb stomachs. There was a Greek poet named Homer who mentioned blood sausage in the Odyssey, which is an ancient Greek epic poem written in the 8th century BC. Epicharmus an ancient Greek dramatist and philosopher wrote a comedy with title “The Sausage”. Moreover, Aristophanes who was a comic playwright in ancient Athens wrote a play “The Knights”, which was about a sausage vendor who became elected leader in the play. So the evidence shows that sausages were know and already popular among both the ancient Greeks and Romans, and almost certainly in the various tribes occupying the major part of Europe.
Sausage Natural Casing
It is also believed that the Sumerians first produced sausages in the region that is now Iraq today in 4000 BC. There are generally two types of sausage casings in use today natural casing and artificial casing. Artificial casings are relatively new in the industry, however still a huge number of sausage manufacturers use natural casings to keep the traditional way as it was and a large number of people love the traditional way sausage.
Today many sausage producers are outsourcing the natural sheep or lamb casings production work to the companies from third world countries. One such company is LaibaSausage Traders that produce affordable and quality natural salted sheep casings. They offer the best quality of sausage casings at a reasonable price.

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